Studio Hanna Bergman

My studio is a multidisciplinary practice specialised in visual communication within the cultural field – since 2014. Recent clients include Art Inside Out, the platform ARIEL – Feminisms in the Aesthetics, and Thorvaldsens Museum.  

In 2015 I also initiated The Reading School, a social platform to create workshops and talks, inviting participants and experts from different disciplines to observe reading and writing as an artistic practice. I’m occasionally invited to give talks and workshops for instance at Bibliothek Andreas Züst, HDK, KADK, Konstfack, Otis College of Art & Design, and Valand Art Academy.

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Editorial design work

Editorial web design
Title: ARIEL – Feminisms in the Aesthetics / YOUNG GIRL READING GROUP Archive
Client: Nina Wöhlk and Karen Vestergaard Andersen / ARIEL
Credits: Alexis Mark (visual identity ARIEL), Hanna Bergman (web design), Rasmus Svensson / PWR Studio (web development) 
Year: 2020

ARIEL is the brand new digital platform and interface for the development and dissemination of a first exhibition cycle and expansive arts program centered on new ramifications of feminism in the aesthetic field.

To enhance an investment in actions and conversations carried by literature and the arts, ARIEL have engaged in a collaboration with YGRG – Young Girl Reading Group, a project by artist duo Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė.

Editorial print, web & app design
Title: AIO Journal
Client: Petra Johansson and Davor Abazovic / Art Inside Out (SE)
Credits: Hanna Bergman (art director), Karin Eckerdal (concept development, animation), Signe Boe (concept development), Rasmus Svensson / PWR Studio (web development), David Penuela / Look & Listen (app development)
Year: 2017–ongoing

Art Inside Out is a nomadic institution for artist-in-residence in different forms and genres. In 2018, four contemporary artists were invited to spend six weeks on site, and work on artistic projects. Among other tasks I was commissioned to work on a hybrid (digital / print) publication together with the team behind the Look & Listen application.

Screens from an AIO SoMe campaign 

AIO Journal covers 2016–2019

AIO Journal website >>>

Editorial web design
Title: Publikation Unga Kontoret
Client: Unga Kontoret / Hökarängens Stadsdelsråd (SE)
Credit: Hanna Bergman (web design & development)
Year: 2019

This publication summarizes the project Unga Kontoret, which was run by Hökarängens Stadsdelsråd during 2017–2019. This publication collects texts and pictures from past activities, experiences from participants and independent texts on artistic creation, politics, urban planning and organization.

Editorial web design
Title: Kollegium 
Client: Dorna Aslanzadeh, Fredrika Anderson and Henrik Sputnes (SE)
Credits: Hanna Bergman (web design), Rasmus Svensson / PWR Studio (web development)
Year: 2019

Visit the online platform >>>

Editorial print & digital design
Title: FNIS!
Client: Thorvaldsens Museum and Skoletjenesten (DK)
Credit: Hanna Bergman (editorial design)
Year: 2019

The first edition in a series of booklets on museum learning taking place at Thorvaldsens Museum.

Praksisfortælling nr. 1, FNIS!
Size: 148×210 mm

Editorial print and web design
Client: Miriam Karpantschof and Mette Moestrup / SHE’S A SHOW (DK)
Credits: Hanna Bergman (editorial print & web design), Rasmus Svensson / PWR Studio (web development)
Year: 2017

SHE’S A SHOW is musician Miriam Karpantschof & poet Mette Moestrup. SHE’S A SHOW is a feminist space for experiments. SHE’S A SHOW combines words with sound & performance. […] SHE’S A SHOW, the platform, is a collaboration with digital designer Hanna Bergman.

SHE’S A SHOW as a two-sided poster.

SHE’S A SHOW as a website >>>

Editorial print design
Title: MFA Degree Show
Client: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (DK)
Credit: Hanna Bergman (editorial design)
Year: 2017

Afgang is a public exhibition and the final exam for MFA graduates, taking place at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Together with an editorial group of students I worked on the catalogue for the exhibition.

Editorial print design
Title: Ideale begivenheder and Midnatsmanifest
Client: Gyldendal (DK)
Credit: Hanna Bergman (editorial design)
Year: 2017

Book cover I
Ideale begivenheder (2017) by Signe Gjessing
Size: 210×297 mm

Book cover II
Midnatsmanifest (unpublished) by Mette Moestrup
Size: 120×170 mm

Editorial web design
Title: Jonathan M. Houser
Client: Jonathan M. Houser (DK)
Credits: Hanna Bergman (web design), Thibault Brevet (web development)
Year: 2017

See the selection of works >>>

Editorial web design
Title: Ditte Soria
Client: Ditte Soria (DK)
Credits: Hanna Bergman (web design), Thibault Brevet (web development)
Year: 2017

See the selection of works >>>

Editorial web design
Title: Kluster för en självorganiserad samtidskonst
Client: Petra Johansson and Henrik Sputnes / Kultur i Väst (SE)
Credits: Hanna Bergman (editorial web design), Andreas Øby Kjeldsen (web development)
Year: 2016

‘Kluster för en självorganiserad samtidskonst’ is a report on Self-Organisation commissioned from the region’s cultural development agency Kultur i Väst.

Read the report here >>>

Editorial web design
Title: Metamorphoses
Client: Vilma Luostarinen (UK)
Credits: Hanna Bergman (editorial web design), Thibault Brevet (web development)
Year: 2016

Metamorphoses are processes of inner and outer transformation, in which bodies from human, animal, vegetal, sea and mineral realms merge and mutate.

This assembly of works reflects on metamorphosis as a concept and its potential to open up an alternative to dualistic worldviews, seeing the Earth as a vibrant landscape of ever-changing shapes. 

Visit the online exhibition >>>

Editorial web design
Title: LIGE
Client: Sanne Kofod Olsen / Kulturstyrelsen, Statens Kunstfond (DK) 
Collaborators: Ditte Soria (editing), Elias Werner (AD), Hanna Bergman (editorial design), Søren Wibroe (concept development), Your Local Studio (web development)
Year: 2015

LIGE [straight, equal, even] is a special digital anniversary publication – a Festschrift – published on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote (in Denmark 1915). Women’s suffrage was granted at the same time as voting rights for socially vulnerable people allowing a significant larger group of citizens to participate in democracy.

LIGE celebrates gender equality in the arts based on artistic creation across artistic disciplines. LIGE encompasses a number of works by 21 contemporary artists working within the field of visual art, music, performing arts, literature, and anything in-between.

Read, watch and listen at >>>

Editorial web design
Title: Body Stories
Client: Linda Bergman and Viktoria Léli / Nordisk Forum (SE)
Credits: Hanna Bergman (editorial design), Søren Wibroe (web development)
Year: 2014

Body Stories was an art exhibition about women’s right to define their own narratives by the two curators Linda Bergman and Viktoria Léli. The exhibition was a part of ‘New Action on Women’s Rights’ at Nordiskt Forum in Malmö 2014.

See the website here >>>